Friday, May 25, 2012

Survival Bracelets

Learned to make these survival bracelets made with 550 paracord from a volunteer at one of our work events. Once you learn how to tie the knots, they are easy and fast to make!

Sorry for the long delay between posts. Crafting has been on the backburner lately, thanks to Doctor Who, lots of reading, trying to get to a healthy weight, and (of course!) work. I have been adding to my to- do list in the meantime, though. Haven't been updating the list on here ... I think I'm going to change the list to completed projects only. It gets too confusing to remember to update my list app and the blog, especially at the rate that I add new projects. (Thanks to Pinterest!)

Next up is a scrapbook for my soon-to-be-born niece. Hope to have it finished soon - check back for details and pictures!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Denim Cup Insulators!

Only three days into the new year, and I can cross a project off the list!

Sure, they were supposed to be completed in 2011. And yeah, the only reason they are finished is because I need to snap a picture for a blog post at work. But the important thing is, they're finished!

2011 In Review ...

Another year gone ... here's to hoping this year will be better than the last!

To kick off 2012, it's time to set new goals. In order to update my "50 projects in 2011-ish" sidebar, I'll use this post to chronicle the crafts I did manage to finish in 2011. To recap:

  1. agenda cover
  2. altered puzzle - Batman 
  3. altered puzzle - DC
  4. altered puzzle - X-Men
  5. altered puzzle - Marvel  
  6. amigurumi pincushions
  7. amigurumi red car
  8. bead loom bookmark
  9. beaded bracelet
  10. BSG tote (stencil)
  11. bubble wrap bracelet
  12. card techniques
  13. carved stamps
  14. cassette tape bracelets
  15. dinosaur field guide
  16. dinosaur memory
  17. iSpy toy
  18. kerchief - bleach dye
  19. kerchief - embroider
  20. kerchief - freezer stencil
  21. kerchief - screenprint
  22. kerchief - sharpie dye
  23. kerchief - sharpie lines
  24. little horror house
  25. mural
  26. Mutant Enemy tote (stencil)
  27. pop tab bracelet
  28. sound fx pillow- Ka-BLAM
  29. sound fx pillow- POW
  30. sound fx pillow- WHAM
  31. starghan
  32. juggling balls and pincushions 
Wow ... I finished more than I imagined. Even though I didn't make it to 50, there's definitely a sense of accomplishment to see such a great list of projects. I didn't get those denim cup insulators finished for 2011, but they have the honor of being first on the finish list for 2012!