Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pillows and Dino Shirt

The sound effects pillows are finished! What an adventure - first time sewing piping, first time using the zipper foot, heck it's the first time I've even changed the foot on my sewing machine. Here's the finished product:
And, the close ups:

All three pillows were supposed to have envelope backs. Unfortunately I was too cut-happy on the yellow shirt and I had to stick with a plain old regular back. After learning my lesson, I was able to use the envelope style on both red pillows.

The images are from the pillows at Jellio. Who can afford to spend $60 - each - on those pillows? Mine are better anyway - black piping and colors that help tie the guest room together. Making and using the stencils was fun - I love the reveal, pulling off the freezer paper to find the crisp, clean lines is exciting!

This dinosaur shirt isn't on the list, but I had a spare child-sized t-shirt and my stenciling supplies were out. My nephew loves dinosaurs, so crafting up a quick dinosaur shirt was a nice way to clear another supply out of my craft closet:

It's a size or two too large, but it'll be a great pajama shirt or smock.

Stenciling supplies are still out - now it's time to work on those tote bags!

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