Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Make It Work

Okay, so it feels a little like cheating ... but with my work schedule it sure is nice to combine my board completion goal with my job! By putting together some samples for a Project Runway program and our upcoming spring event, I was able to post projects on four more boards:

Other Image Reproduction Techniques: 
Carved stamps made from craft foam and Gatorade lids!

Kerchiefs tie-dyed with Sharpies and rubbing alcohol!

I was addicted to this inexpensive DIY technique a few years ago. It was fun trying it again and teaching it to girls!

And finally, Stenciling:
My first time trying freezer paper stencils. I love the result - very crisp!

I also tried Plaid's screenprint foil. It works okay (I think I need to practice) but the results seem kind of unpredictable ... which is unfortunate since the product is kind of expensive and the process is time consuming!

I also tried Plaid's fabric glitter. The results are nice, but I seem to have misplaced the photo. Will try to snap a picture some time.

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