Friday, May 27, 2011

Red Amigurumi Car

I started this little crochet car over eight months ago. To goal was to gift it to my nephew for his 2nd birthday. He was really into the Tonka Chuck & Friends toys, so when I found this pattern on Etsy I thought it seemed perfect:

Of course, between my work schedule and other projects popping up, the little car was put on hold. Most of the pieces were crocheted and stuffed - just needed to crochet the bumpers and the side/back windows and assemble all the pieces. I don't know why, but assembling projects like this always makes me nervous - maybe that's part of the reason why I put finishing it on hold? Thanks to this blog, I was driven to finish the thing, even though my nephew left his cars and trucks behind in favor of dinosaurs. And, here's the Craftster post.

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