Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let's Try This ...

I have a lengthy list of projects ... projects to finish, projects to start, project ideas, new skills to learn ... and there's a Craftalong on that would be perfect. The only problem? The Craftalong is to finish 50 projects in one year. My list is lengthy, but not 50 projects! Sure, if I think about it long enough I can probably come up with 50 projects. *EDIT* I have at least 50 projects now! But I'd rather focus on working through my current list! So, in effort to keep myself accountable without the Craftalong, I thought I'd try a blog. My list of projects and skills are listed, and as I work on them I'll update the list and post pictures.

The projects on the list cover a wide variety of craft techniques (and there's another Craftalong I've always admired) so I'm unofficially enrolling myself in the "Post a project on every completed board" Craftalong.

Let's see what happens!

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